Do Cab Drivers Charge for Congestion? A Field Experiment in Lima, Perú. 

Do negative random shocks affect trust and trustworthiness?( with J. Gillet and I. Rodriguez-Lara) (R & R)

Effects Strategic Risk Aversion on Participation and Efficiency in Environmental Markets (with J. Shortle).


Health Investment a Laboratory Approach to Dynamic Lifetime Decision Problems ( with H. Kaplan and S. Rassenti)


Environmental-Energy Economics:

Investing Decisions in Markets Theory and Experiments (with S. Rassenti and V. Smith)

Mitigation Policy Announcements and Investments in Clean Technology (with S. Miller)

Exploring the role of trust, information and institutional reputation on the consumption of water in Mexico City (with F. Alpizar and D. Heres)

Social influence among firms and its effects on energy efficiency (with P. Hancevic, H. Nuñez, D. Rapson and J. Rosellon) 

Health Economics:

Experiments in Health Investment over a Lifetime  (with K. James, H. Kaplan, D. Tracy and S. Rassenti)

Social Incentives in Blood Donation Campaigns (with M. Bala, T. Baul and T. Rosenblat)

The Mitigation Game: Framing Collective Action to Prevent Epidemics among the Colombian Wayúu (with S. Cortés and C. Gonzalez-Uribe)


Game Theory and Behavioral Economics: 

Promoting Cooperation without Punishment in Repeated Prisoners’ Dilemma (with G. Camera)

Exploitation in Real Effort Gift-Exchange Economy (with B. Corgnet and J. Gomez-Miñambres)

Shocks and Social Preferences in Strategic Environments (with I. Rodriguez Lara and J. Gillet)

Payment Schemes and customer selection and behavior in Credence Good Markets (with E. Green)